We render services excellence, relating both to the protection of your inventions and to the advising in order to prevent you from infringing third party industrial property rights.
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We, Fabian Biali & Asociados, get specialized in every subject related to patents in the pharmaceutical, chemical and biotechnological fields. We are proud of providing services to such clients as the most important domestic and international pharmaceutical laboratories. Furthermore, we have advised important Lawyer Firms, National Associations of Pharmaceutical Laboratories, Research Institutions and National Universities. During the last years, we have filed patents applications and/or advised Argentine, Chinese, Indian, North American, Spanish, Polish and Israeli companies.

Moreover, we have successfully acted as technical consultants in the defense of pharmaceutical laboratories in lawsuits relating to PATENTS OF INVENTIONS on pharmaceutical products in different Latin American countries.

Our firm works in conjunction with external advisors on areas such as law, science and technology, thus offering  services excellence related to the analysis, drafting, filing, prosecution, granting and defense of patents in Argentina.

We can assist you to successfully reach your business objectives by rendering our advising services on industrial property, concerning both your inventions protection and the development and commercialization of your products.




About Fabian Biali

Fabian Biali is a Chemist (University of Buenos Aires, UBA) and Industrial Property Agent. Presently he is giving classes on “Introduction to Industrial Property” in the career of Specialization in Industrial Biotechnology at the Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences, (UBA/INTI). He also advises important companies and institutions on industrial property subjects such as the National Council of Scientific and Technical Research of Argentina (CONICET), the Technological Enterprise Incubator of the School of Natural Sciences, University of Buenos Aires. (Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales, Universidad de Buenos Aires,  INCUBACEN, UBA) and the Quilmes National University (UNQ).
During 2007/2008, he took part in the coordination of the “Practice of analysis and strategies for 2020 of the pharmaceutical-chemical industry”, carried out by the National Ministry of Sciences, Technology and Productive Innovation of Argentina. 
Furthermore, he has given various classes and delivered conferences about pharmaceutical patents and since 2001 he has been regularly invited to give classes on subjects such as “Biotechnology and Society” and “Pharmacology” by the National Quilmes University. At the same time, he successfully contributed as technical advisor in the most significant lawsuits related to patent infringements that took place in Argentina in the last years.



Fabian Biali